For over a decade Polymarine IB Finish has been protecting inflatables from the elements and keeping them looking good. Now the Product itself looks good too, with a new design that shines and emphasises the UV protection qualities. Polymarine Inflatable Boat Finish gives lasting protection from ultraviolet sunlight & marine elements. A Premium product which contains NO silicones or petroleum distillates to harm the environment. It prevents fading and brightens colours. It gives a high sheen finish and provides extreme protection against the elements especially the salt air and UV sun damage encountered along the coast.

Polymarine Finish is effective on PVC & Hypalon inflatables, ideal for Dinghies and RIBs to protect the as new look.

DIRECTIONS: Clean dirty or oxidised surface with Polymarine Inflatable Boat Cleaner before applying Inflatable Finish with a soft dry cloth. The liquid spreads easily and dries in minutes. Apply a second coat for a deeper sheen and maximum protection.  Once applied the finish will lasts for months. Please note, Do not apply to hot surfaces as product will dry too quickly.

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