Inflatable boats have a long list of bonuses, but eternal life is not one of them. The harsh effects of UV exposure, frequent use, and operating in all types of water conditions take their toll on inflatable boat fabrics, whether they are PVC or Hypalon. Proper maintenance and frequent washing with a good dinghy cleaner help keep grime, oxidation, and organic fouling (barnacles, slime, etc.) to a minimum, but eventually, a new paint job may be needed and in cases of prolonged immersion, antifouling paint too.

Polymarine have formulated a top coat paint for the renovation of inflatable boats. Flexithane for Hypalon boat fabrics and Superflex for PVC Dinghy Fabrics. In addition a similar flexible paint with SP54 antifouling formula for dinghy bottoms.

Superflex PVC paint adheres in a super strong flexible bond, becoming part of the surface withstanding weathering, abrasions and retaining colours and bright whites for many years. It has a super high stretch ratio that will not crack or flake off. Superflex’s coating properties are highly opaque, easy to apply and quick drying. Application is one coat for good surface adhesion and a second coat for a smooth satin appearance and improved, lasting durability to UV and the elements.

Flexithane Rubber paint has excellent adhesion properties and is highly elastomeric with an extreme stretch ratio that will not crack or flake off. Flexithane’s coating properties are highly opaque and normally require only one coat for true colour rendition. A second coat will enhance the smooth satin appearance and improve the lasting durability.

SP54HYP300SP54 Antifoul is fully flexible for use on inflatable boat sponsons and it’s just as effective on GRP, so both Hull and tubes can be protected on your RiB with just one product. Developed using unique pseudo-organic technology and extensively tested, SP54 keeps virtually all hulls free from growth of algae, crustaceans and other unwelcome marine life. The treatment includes copper, linked with extremely low friction technology, offering a unique solution to an age old marine problem.

We have a range of colours and a detailed guide to successful painting and renovation via this link;

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