Following a tough winter, the new season starts checking out for any damage to boats and accessories, fixing vinyl and rubber can often be expensive, but with a little trade knowledge, daunting DIY repairs can be simple and effective.

The complete guide to making a repair on inflatable Boat Tubes and Sponsons.

There are two PDF guides now available as a download for you to use as instructions on your own DIY repair to achieve professional results. The same techniques apply to all Hypalon and PVC inflatables including Tenders, RIBs, Kayaks and Dinghies.

In addition to fixing punctures and holes the Guide will help you apply Tow Patches, D rings, Seat Patches and all other patch accessories which are attached using glues and adhesives, including Snap Davit Pads. Once you know the techniques used, then you will be equipped to make all kinds of renovations and repairs to inflatables.

Work in confidence with professional products and industry standard inflatable boat fabrics such as PVC and Hypalon rubber fabric. All these fabrics are available in various popular colours. The repair guide will show you how to repair the worst tears at a fraction of the cost of using a specialist.

Lean how to make a professional repair to a punctured inflatable dinghy.

Tears, rips and holes can all be mended with a DIY repair using these two download PDF guides which gives comprehensive, professional tips and tricks for a lasting repair on all types of PVC inflatables, Ribs and dinghies.

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