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WORK SHEET PDFs for download

Repairing Inflatable Tubes – ‘Hypalon fabric’  
(download the worksheet PDF).

Repairing Inflatable Tubes –  ‘PVC  fabric’
(download the worksheet PDF).



  1. You can buy PVC fabric at PolymarineShop in a colour to match. You could use tho old splash deck as a template to create a new one or simply patch repair. One thing to take note of is: PVC Adhesive does not stick to Rubber/Hypalon, however, PVC Adhesive will stick to Hypalon Adhesive, so priming the Hypalon Tubes with Hypalon adhesive will ensure a good repair.

  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a flatacraft force 4 which has a pvc splashdeck glued to hypalon tubes. The splashback has a tear along the front and the velcro has come away from the sides. Fixing the velcro should be straightforward but I’m not sure about the split along the front. Can these be replaced or repaired please?

  3. Hi Ciaran, This product will be ideal for fixing your seams. Sure Seal Extra, it’s clear, tough and flexible repair sealant and adhesive for a waterproof permanent repair to coated fabrics, PVC, PU, neoprene, rubber. This product has also works successfully on PVC Inflatable Towables like Donuts, Big Bertha, Banana Rib Ride etc, which get very rough treatment. Make sure your surface is clean and non greasy by using a solvent like MEK or Acetone or better still Polymarine 2903 PVC Cleaner/Solvent.
    Best regards.

  4. Hi
    I have some inflatable river rafts and the inside seams are leaking air. The seam are near the floor so its tricks to get a patch in, We have fixed other problems in open flat areas successfully.Any suggestions for fixing the seams in tight areas.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Darrel, MEK would be the best substitute if you can not obtain P510 Solvent.

  6. Can I use Toluene instead of the PS10 solvent to pre-clean and prep the hypalon? I cant find the PS10 in stock locally and want to get my repair done so I can get back on the water. Thanks mcuh

  7. Hi Richard, Yes the Polymarine PVC 2 part adhesive and Solvent to prep the surfaces will be all you need to fix PVC to PVC.

    Good luck with the fishing.

  8. Hi I wish to mount 2 glue on scotty rod holding mounts onto my suzumar inflatable, the mounting pads are made from flexible pvc, I have purchased your 2 part pvc glue and solvent and im hoping that this is enough and I will not have to buy the hypalon adhesive as well to prime the pads, I assume this will not be required due to the pads being made from pvc?

    Many thanks


  9. Hi Greg, You can use a hot air gun to soften the old glue and fully detach the flaps. Then clean up the surface with Polymarine PVC Solvent, you may need to use some sandpaper to get some of it off. The solvent is also essential to get a good bond later (see PVC adhesive guide here). Working with inflated or part inflated may be preferable, best way is to decide as you remove the floor slats. Hope that helps!

  10. I have an 8 year old West Marine PVC inflatable made by Zodiac. About 8 ft long.
    It has inflatable separate tube seats. It has the wood slat roll up floor.
    It has had very limited use, was stored inside in Tampa, Florida and frankly looks almost new.
    I recently used the boat and the floor has come detached from the pontoons on both sides except about 18 inches from the front and 18 inches from the transom.
    The floor is glued on with both an inside and outside flap.
    After studying your site and products I believe I can glue things back together using the 2 part PVC product.
    My main question is should I try to peel the floor off where it is still attached?
    How do I do this without damage to the pontoons?
    I am concerned that if I only glue where it is apart now then the rest will become detached later.
    Also I think I can do a better prep job if I have the floor PVC off where I can work on it, clean, and prepare per your instructions.
    It appears that the attachment to the wood transom is good however it is hard to tell. Also ,when gluing the floor flaps on will the pontoons be deflated or inflated?
    I appreciate any thoughts or advice you might have.
    Thank You
    Greg Johnson

  11. its a new colour

  12. midnight blue is amazing

  13. Hello. Thanks for your question. Here is a golden rule to help with yours and other similar projects:
    A/. PVC Adhesive does not stick to Rubber/Hypalon
    B/. PVC Adhesive will stick to Hypalon Adhesive
    If you prime your Hypalon Panels with Hypalon adhesive and let it dry, then you can use your PVC 2 Part Polymarine Adhesive to compete the task of Adhering the Hypalon panels (or rubber accessories) to you PVC Sponsons. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the packs for the proper use of adhesive.
    Best Wishes, Polymarine.

  14. hi, im looking for some advice and products to bond hypalon panels on to PVC sponsons.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. Hi Patrick, Single part adhesive is good for quick repairs, but a more permanent job should be carried out as soon as possible using 2 part Polymarine PVC Adhesive, used in the same way as patching.

  16. I have a 10 yr old Zodiac inflatable & the inside seams are opening. It is a PVC boat & I have the one part glue available only. What is the procedure for gluing, the same as patching? or a different way? Thanks..

  17. Hi Douglas,
    A 30mm tear will require an inside patch. We have technical sheets that will help you in your repair process which you can download: Which will say that with PVC fabric; if the damage to your tube is more than 15mm in any direction an inside patch needs to be applied. An overnight temp of 10degrees will be ok for curing, its the humidity that is most important.

  18. hi, i’ve just purchased your pvc professional repair kit as i have a 30mm tear in my honwave inflatable and wanted to check a couple of things.

    i was going to let the repair cure overnight, but it will only be around 10 degrees celsius. is that warm enough?

    can i do the inside patch and then immediately do the outside patch, or do i need to let the inside cure fully first? (it would be easier to do them at the same time).

    do i definitely need an inside patch for a 30mm tear? i have read elsewhere that an outside patch only is okay if the tear is less than 50mm?

    thanks very much in advance

  19. Zodiac Futura S ( Sport ) Transom gave way, seperated from the tube.
    I have disassemble all parts.
    Looking to purchase material to rebuild and reglue.
    Plus instructions on how to.

    Can you offer any guidance on this project?

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