Inflatable Boat Cleaning & Finishing Guide



Inflatable Boat Cleaner

An easy to use cleaner for both PVC and Hypalon. Dirt, White Oxidation, Grease, Oil and Petrol Deposits will easily dissolve. Polymarine Inflatable Boat cleaner is biodegradable.

1: First wet the surface to be cleaned
2: Spray on cleaner (a small area at a time) and leave for 1 minute. Dirt, oxidation, grease, oil, and petrol will begin to dissolve. (do not allow to stand on painted or varnished surfaces)
3: Scrub with a suitable cloth or brush where necessary. Rinse clean immediately with water. Repeat all the above stages before moving to the next area to be cleaned.

Inflatable Boat Finish
With extra UV Protection Prevents fading & brightens colours.

Method: Apply inflatable boat finish with a soft dry cloth. Dries in minutes. Apply a second coat. Lasts for months. Do not apply to hot surfaces as product will dry too quickly.

Inflatable Boat Polish
Buffs and polishes to a brilliant shine without scratches. Created for optimum results on RIB and GRP Components. Wipe on wipe off polish. Gently buffs to a brilliant shine without scratching.

Method: Apply polish direct to a soft dry lint free cloth. Avoid over application. Buff surface area lightly with a circular motion. Leave light trace of polish on surface to dry. Then buff off with clean soft dry cloth. Suitable for all kinds of surfaces, GRP, Hulls, Decks and Super Structure, Gel Coat, Enamel, Stainless Steel and Chrome.


  1. Hi Dave, Ooops, that is unfortunate. Not ware of any immediate remedy for that. Perhaps some of our readers could add a comment or suggestion?? It will be interesting to hear how you get it sorted in the end.
    Good Luck.

  2. Hi,

    An idiot friend who’s was recently painting in my garage has managed to get white gloss paint on my zodiac. Any idea what I could use to remove it? It’s a hypalon boat as far as I’m aware…

    Thanks Dave

  3. Hi Ron, it seems unusual for a 3 year old boat fabric to go sticky, it may be a warranty issue to take up with your retailer. With an older rib or inflatable dinghy, the use of Polymarine Flexithane and Superflex inflatable boat paint is an ideal solution for stopping the sticky issues and giving a very good durable finish.

  4. I have a three year old Endeavor RIB hypalon ( ? ) dinghy and boat in the NW. The tubes have become sticky and begun turning a light brownish color. I have cleaned the boat several times with various recommended methods but it is continuing to turn color and become sticky again, even stored in my shop during the winter. Will your cleaner and finish stop this situation? Although the model number states this is a hypalon material, I have never had a problem with other hypalon dinghies.

  5. Hi Johan, Polymarine Inflatable Boat Finish does provide UV protection to help prevent UV Damage. As damage has already occurred on your boat, then yes, paint the tubes with Superflex PVC Paint to remedy the sticky PVC problem. Make sure that the surface is clean and grease free by using 2903 solvent primer to prep the surface prior to painting.

  6. Hi,
    This sounds very impressive.
    I have a red Zodiac (PVC) with, as I understand it, Uv-damaged, sticky tubes that get dirty and precipitate red color on to anything that gets in contact.
    Will this clean, finsh, polish process help and stop the ongoing process or should I paint the tubes with red PVC paint?
    Johan, Sweden

  7. Hi Phil, Thanks for you questions. A good scrub with Inflatable Boat Cleaner [ ] would be needed. If you have staining on the Hull then, Polymarine Dispel will be good to remove that. Polymarine SP54 Flexible Antifoul is ideal for both the Tubes and GRP hulls [ ]

  8. I have a Valient rib in the water in the Greek Ionian for 5 months and there is growth on the tubes especially under the waterline . What would you recommend to clean and antifoul please. Phil

  9. Hi James, Thank you for your glowing testimonial on our Polymarine Inflatable Boat Cleaner, it is one of our best sellers. Can I also suggest our Polymarine ‘Inflatable Boat Finish’ which gives a brilliant gleam and protects the fabric against the elements and UV for months.

  10. I too have just used the inflatable boat cleaner. The results are amazing. I just stood and stared. Like new.

    To put in perspective I recently bought the rib as a project. It had been left uncovered in a garden, next to a busy road and in direct sunlight for 2 years with no cover. The tubes were dirty, mildew, grime and significant oxidatation. I washed then with boat shampoo with no real effect. I thought I might have to try to paint the tubes. Honestly they were awful.

    Stumbled across polymarine and bought the cleaner. Sprayed the tubes and 1 minute later tubes like new all oxidation gone, all oily grime gone, all mildew gone, Incredible product.


  11. Have just used your RIB cleaner FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

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