How to protect PVC and Hypalon fabrics.

Keep your Inflatable boats looking like new.

Polymarine inflatable boat cleaning products are kinder to the environment and ultra effective on Hypalon, PVC and GRP surfaces. The no bleach, non corrosive and non silicon formulas are safe, yet still result in exceptional results when removing stains, blooms and algae. The UV protection product ‘Finish’ is in a class of it’s own for season long protection.

Polymarine Inflatable Boat Cleaner

How to clean and maintain a good finish on inflatable boats, RIBs and SIBs.


Follow steps 1 to 5 working on one manageable area at a time. Repeat all 5 stages before moving to the next area to be cleaned. Dirt, White Oxidation, Grease, Oil and Petrol Deposits will easily dissolve.

Do not allow this product to stand on painted or varnished surfaces.

First wet the surface to be cleaned.

Spray on cleaner (a small area at a time) and leave to activate.

Wait for 60 seconds to allow dirt, to begin to dissolve. 

Scrub with a suitable cloth or brush where necessary.

Rinse clean immediately with water. 

Polymarine Inflatable Boat Finish with UV Protection


Prevents fading & brightens colours. Finish is a High sheen - extreme protection product, effective on PVC & Hypalon inflatable boat fabrics

Polymarine Finish gives lasting protection from ultraviolet & marine elements. A premium product - contains no silicones or petroleum distillates.


How to maintain a good finish on all inflatable boats, RIBs and SIBs.


1/. Clean dirty or oxidised surfaces with Polymarine Inflatable Boat Cleaner

2/. Apply Inflatable Finish with a soft dry cloth. Dries in minutes.

3/. Apply a second coat.

4/. Enjoy the protective lustre of Finish which  will last for months.

Do not apply to hot surfaces as product will dry too quickly.

Polymarine Inflatable Boat GRP Polish

Buffs and polishes to a brilliant shine without scratching.

Created for optimum results on all kinds of surfaces...

GRP, hulls, decks & super structure, gel coat, enamel, stainless steel & chrome.

Totally safe on all marine materials.


1/. Apply polish direct to a soft, damp, lint free cloth.

2/. Avoid over application. Work with a small area at a time.

3/. Buff the surface area lightly with circular motion.

4/. Leave a light trace of Polish on surface to dry,

5/. When dry, buff off with a clean, soft, dry cloth.

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