PVC paint

Polymarine PVC paint is our best seller in the marine market. PVC Paint is a specialist product specific to its application. Practical Sailor magazine put PVC paints to the test and Polymarine PVC Paint and Hypalon Paint came out as the excellent choice.
Our PVC Paints can be used on no marine applications just as sucessfully, if in doubt just contact us for advice.
The light blue cans are PVC Paint Products, dark blue are Hypalon Paint Products.

There are glue and repair kits for PVC and Hypalon Fabric too. Sizes vary from 70ml, to 1 ltr of 2 part PVC Glue and Adhesive specific to fabric.

4 thoughts on “PVC paint

  1. Hello, Im looking for a quality paint for my PVC inflatable boat. Id like some info. prep work? id like Black if its available, Will it fade? also Id like to purchase a cleaner too, I have a few barnical spots on the bottom id like ride of.

    thanks a bunch,


    Dan Sneade

  2. Hi Dan, Polymarine Superflex is fully flexible paint formulated for renovating PVC and any other PVC variant fabric. It’s available in Black, White, Grey, Orange, Red, Blue, Midnight Blue. It is resistant to UV fading and scored ‘best choice’ in Practical Sailor’s paint testing feature.

    In our dinghy tube renovation guide ( http://www.polymarine.com/advice/restoration-beaufort-dinghy ) you can see how First the tubes were cleaned of dirt, oxidation & grease by using Polymarine Inflatable boat cleaner & Polymarine solvent cleaner, the same would apply to PVC. All products can be found here:

  3. Hi I am liking the sound of your product.
    I have a PVC zapcat with blue sides that need to be painted for sponsor reasons. Now we would like to paint over the blue with black. this will cover well and you say it wont flake and chip off to reveal the blue underneath?

    Thank you

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