New Design Inflatable Boat Paint

Inflatable Boat Paint

New Design Superflex & Flexithane Inflatable Boat Paint

The new look Polymarine inflatable boat paint is out now. Our great looking cans contain the same specialist formula that has made Flexithane and Superflex the bestselling choice of the trade paint for the last two decades. Rejuvenate your inflatable and get a great new finish that will remain tough, flexible and UV resistant, with colours that remain vibrant due to the pigmentation and bonding properties which fuse the new paint surface to the original Hypalon or PVC inflatable boat sponsons.

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  1. Good day, I’d like to know which paint I should buy for a 45 year-old AVON Red Rover Mk III that I am refurbishing. It has been more years in store than in use yet seems in very good condition.

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