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Inflatable Boat Top Coats and Antifoul Paints.

Inflatable boats have a long list of bonuses, but eternal life is not one of them. The harsh effects of UV exposure, frequent use, and operating in all types of water conditions take their toll on inflatable boat fabrics, whether they are PVC or Hypalon. Proper maintenance and frequent washing with a good dinghy cleaner help keep grime, oxidation, and organic fouling (barnacles, slime, etc.) to a minimum, but eventually, a new paint job may be needed and in cases of prolonged immersion, antifouling paint too.

Polymarine have formulated a top coat paint for the renovation of inflatable boats. Flexithane for Hypalon boat fabrics and Superflex for PVC Dinghy Fabrics. In addition a similar flexible paint with SP54 antifouling formula for dinghy bottoms.

Superflex PVC paint adheres in a super strong flexible bond, becoming part of the surface withstanding weathering, abrasions and retaining colours and bright whites for many years. It has a super high stretch ratio that will not crack or flake off. Superflex’s coating properties are highly opaque, easy to apply and quick drying. Application is one coat for good surface adhesion and a second coat for a smooth satin appearance and improved, lasting durability to UV and the elements.

Flexithane Rubber paint has excellent adhesion properties and is highly elastomeric with an extreme stretch ratio that will not crack or flake off. Flexithane’s coating properties are highly opaque and normally require only one coat for true colour rendition. A second coat will enhance the smooth satin appearance and improve the lasting durability.

SP54HYP300SP54 Antifoul is fully flexible for use on inflatable boat sponsons and it’s just as effective on GRP, so both Hull and tubes can be protected on your RiB with just one product. Developed using unique pseudo-organic technology and extensively tested, SP54 keeps virtually all hulls free from growth of algae, crustaceans and other unwelcome marine life. The treatment includes copper, linked with extremely low friction technology, offering a unique solution to an age old marine problem.

We have a range of colours and a detailed guide to successful painting and renovation via this link;

Insta-Lock Snap Davit Range Extends!

Happy New Year – The London Boat Show opens Today and our new Insta-lock Snap Davit Product Movie will premier on the Aquafax Boat Show Stand. You can see it here:-

By mid February we will have Transom mounted Insta-Lock Snap Davit Kits, along with Extended reach, out and down davit kits. There is a new and extendable holdout arm built to five different lengths (46cm to 60cm) (61cm to 76cm) (92cm to 106cm) (107cm to 121cm) (122 to 137cm). In addition the perfect dinghy pad for use with the arms.

Pilot Ladders

Sales of Polymarine ‘Pilot Ladder Steps’ are going up! (get it?) These robust Solas Compliant steps are a MOD preferred safety item once again in 2016. For over 25 years we have been supplying the only UK manufactured rubber ships pilot ladder steps to both HM Navy as well as merchant shipping worldwide. So you see we do much more than Flexible Paint and Adhesives to trade and leisure markets worldwide.

New This Season – Insta-Lock

What Price Safety and Convenience?

New from Polymarine; practical design and premium materials combine to make the Insta-Lock Snap Davit System durable, safe and astonishingly affordable…

No more heart stopping dinghy wobbles!

  • Insta-lock Snap Davits are a lock and lift system, designed to secure and stabilise an inflatable dinghy to the back of a Motorboat or Yacht.
  • Insta-lock Snap Davits provide a safer method for a person to enter and exit a dinghy.
  • When locked on, the dinghy can be lifted out of the water to a vertical storage position.
  • When locked and lifted, your dinghy avoids drag and fouling when cruising.
  • When locked and lifted, you can save space in the Marina and save on Berthing fees.

The INSTA-LOCK kit comprises of 2 spring loaded davit heads which secure to the Swim Platform and 2 Pads with lock-on-bars which are glued onto the Inflatable. When aligned the sprung loaded davit heads snap onto the lock-on-bar. The dinghy is firmly locked to the Host Craft ready for lifting or loading with passengers.

1/. Look out for the Packs at your nearest Polymarine distributor.
2/. Full kits compete with instructions ( just add adhesive)
3/. Product Options available summer 2016.
4/. Accessories like Low profile quick release shoes.

Instructions for installation can be seen here:-


New Design Inflatable Boat Paint

Inflatable Boat Paint

New Design Superflex & Flexithane Inflatable Boat Paint

The new look Polymarine inflatable boat paint is out now. Our great looking cans contain the same specialist formula that has made Flexithane and Superflex the bestselling choice of the trade paint for the last two decades. Rejuvenate your inflatable and get a great new finish that will remain tough, flexible and UV resistant, with colours that remain vibrant due to the pigmentation and bonding properties which fuse the new paint surface to the original Hypalon or PVC inflatable boat sponsons.

Snap Davits for Sailboat

This is a feature written by Yacht Owner; DAVID SWANSON

SUBJECT: Davits for a Catalina 320 Mk2 Sailboat

Cruising Southern California and the Puget Sound on our 2007 Catalina 320 MK II Sailboat requires that we carry an inflatable dinghy. To make the process of carrying the inflatable easier, I mounted a tilt-up davit system that is traditionally used for power boats to our Catalina 320 sailboat. The tilt-up davit system was manufactured by Weaver Snap Davits and adapted to our C320 MK II. Our inflatable dinghy is an Achilles LSI 2.90 . The length of the inflatable is 9’-6” which is well within the 11’-9” beam of our Catalina 320.

About 10 years ago, when our children were much smaller, I installed a similar set of snap davits on our Hunter 30 sailboat. The system is very easy to use, helps in boarding the dinghy, and keeps the inflatable secure and out of the way when sailing or motoring. It is an elegant way to carry our inflatable dinghy when sailing, cruising, and island hopping.

This new set of Weaver Davits that I installed on our C320 MK II are slightly different with a “snap up” feature. We had Weaver industries build a custom set of Snap Ups to match the angle of our C320 transom and also install an “intermediate” snap up hole to allow us to vary the height at which we carry our inflatable dinghy. I created a sketch of the dimensions and rake angle of our stern from our C320 and provided them to Weaver Industries for the fabrication of our davits, so if anyone would like them, just send me an email and I can forward a PDF copy of the dimensions that we used for our 2007 C320 MK II sailboat.

We have had many people comment on how elegant this system works to stow our inflatable, so I thought that I would share our installation with fellow C320 owners.

• Weaver Snap Up Davits custom modified for our C320 MK II stern.
• Weaver Quick Kit mounting system to remove davit brackets when not in use.

DOWNLOAD: The full 6 page article with pictures and David’s installation procedure can be downloaded here: C320 Weaver Davits Article (2)