Avon Dinghy Leak Repair & Restoration

Old Avon Redcrest dinghy ready to be tested for leaks etc.
Test for leaks using spray with soapy water.

1. Soapy water showing leak on seam near floor.

2. Soapy water showing leak from valve.

3. Hole in floor.

4.  Dinghy after repairs and valet.

5.  Repaired hole patch and Products used – fabric, 2 part glue, solvent, abrasive paper and brush for gluing.
Valves spares kits (in plastic bags) Cleaner and Finish for final valetting.

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  1. Steve Smith

    I have a rather old but seaworth avon redcrest. I would like to put a small outboard on it and have the bracket. Unfortunately the black rubber fittings the bracket goes through hove either come off or have been damaged. Can you sell me replacements which I can glue on.


  2. Paul King

    I have a 25 year old Red Avon 400 Sports inflatable made in Hypalon still in fairly good condition. I have fixed a couple of repair patches to the main tubes using your 2 part adhesive to suit Hypalon and these have worked perfectly.
    I am now having a problem with the inflatable keel. I have used the same adhesive on the keel with little success. Do you know if the keel in a 25 year old Avon would be made of PVC or Hypalon.?
    Many thanks for your time.

  3. Paul King

    Many thanks for the prompt and very early morning reply, much appreciated. I will check in the way suggested.
    I think though that I have at last fixed the problem and have ordered more Hypalon adhesive from you.
    Again many thanks, excellent service and nice to know you are there to help.
    Regards Paul.

  4. Geoff Arnold

    Are the Avon decals new and if so can you supply them?

  5. admin

    Hi Geoff, Thanks for your question. We don’t supply those decals, they were the existing decals, removed and cleaned with our ‘Inflatable boat cleaner’ and re-stuck.

  6. Cindy Harris

    Can you supply a replacement inflatable seat for an Avon Redstart?

  7. Brad Low

    Have one tube of old Avon R310 that keeps deflating overnite. Have used sealant inside to repair most of the “pinholes”, but cannot locate the source of major leak. While the valve leaks (uncapped), when cap is screwed on tight, cannot see any bubbles from there (have tightened the valve nut too). Have sprayed valve and entire raft with soapy water. Any hints on how to locate the real source of the leak. Must be a good one to deflate so quickly. Tiny pinholes that barely fizz over time don’t seem like enough to deflate the raft within hours. Thanx

  8. Adrian

    Hi, are the bow buttons in this image available as an after market purchase?

  9. admin

    Hi Brad, Seems like the Valve would need to be fixed anyway (we have spares available:- http://polymarineshop.com/valves-1.html. Also the pinholes which can be cured with Polymarine Sealflex http://polymarineshop.com/sealflex-500ml.html. With those two issues eliminated, it may prove the end of your problem, if not at least you will be closer to finding a third leak source. Sorry no magic bullet for you on this one.
    Best regards. Ed.

  10. Mark Kempen

    I got a grey 10′ Avon dinghy when I bought my sailboat. Rough shape, but use it every week for 3 years now. Oars pop out of the oarlocks when the wind gets up to 20 knots or so and that makes it scary to get back to shore sometimes. What sort of oarlocks can I buy? and what sort of glue do I use? What’s my Avon made out of anyway?

  11. admin

    Hi Mark. Your Avon is most likely to be Hypalon unless any custom repairs have changed that. There are some very good Oarlocks available that can be affixed using Polymarine Hypalon 2 part Adhesive. These can be seen here:- https://polymarineshop.com/rubber-rowlock-for-oar-pin.html

  12. Brian

    Hello, I have found a rib, my friend owns it but says it’s toast, it has a huge tear, about 2 feet long down one of the tubes. Is this repairable using your products? If so can I do it myself or should I bring it to a professional?

    Thank you

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