Advice on how to repair inflatable boats, Inflatable Dinghies and RIB’s

we offer you sound Advice & Information to help with the care and repair of your inflatable boat, tender or RIB. No matter if you’re on the water for simple pleasure or working hard like the RNLI you can’t afford anything but the best practice and safe, robust repair and care for your inflatable boat. We aim to provide all the advice and all the Inflatable Boat Supplies you’ll need, plus you can ‘contact us’ for help – we’re always happy to assist.

buy direct from PolymarineShop.comAdvice guide - fitting valves etc.Inflatable Boat Paint & Antifoul Guide - Hypalon and PVC

How to repair inflatable boats, a PVC dinghy, a Hypalon RIB, how to change a valve and general Inflatable Boat maintenance advice.

POLYMARINE LTD the leading supplier of components, spares and accessories for the manufacture, care and repair of inflatable boats and ribs.The home of Polymarine is the rugged, weather beaten coast of North Wales, where ideal, challenging conditions assist in the development and testing of these outstanding products.

Made in the United Kingdom, exported World Wide. 30 years marine experience, robust product warranties and personal customer service combine to make Polymarine an ever growing, world wide export success.

The entire Polymarine range has been exclusively developed to perform under marine conditions with lasting results. The extensive range of quality products includes specialist adhesives, flexible paints, boat care products, moulded rubber parts, fabrics and a comprehensive range of inflatable boat accessories.

Polymarine cleaning, polishing and maintenance products have been created to deal with specific tasks and problems which occur in the marine environment. The Polymarine range performs with great effect, outshining all other marine products. Polymarine Dispel, Cleaner, Finish and Duo Clean for example have been created for RIB tubes and hulls, these are tremendously effective, almost legendary in the RIB market.

The very popular Polymarine RIB valet kit, for both tubes and GRP hulls, is a neatly packaged ‘grab and go’ kit bag, comprising of eight essential items as a complete starter pack for RIB cleaning and polishing.

When it has to be right, it has to be Polymarine…
…Specialised, Effective & Enduring

• Paints
• Solvents
• Adhesives
• Repair kits
• Fabrics
• Parts
• Accessories
• Cleaners
• Restorers

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Riptide ECO-friendly cleaning products.moreinfo
Our Riptide product range is available to buy online Biodegradability and Eco-Friendliness is a world wide issue, we are resolute in our desire to use the most effective, safe and bio-degradable formulas in the product range. Our range of environmentally friendly boat care products; Hull and Deck Maintenance. Shampoo, Exterior Multipurpose Cleaner, Interior All-Surface Cleaner, Porthole And Glass Cleaner, 3 in 1 Toilet Cleaner, GRP Silcon Free Polish, Water Proofer.

Buy Weaver snap davits online.moreinfo
Polymarine, as European Distributors of Weaver Davits have the fullest selection available, see the installation guide.

Inflatable boat repair service.moreinfo
We now offer a repair service for inflatable boats anywhere in mainland UK with an inexpensive collection and delivery service. This is a unique collection, repair & delivery service for all makes of inflatable boats (not RIBS).

Polymarine RIB valet kit.moreinfo
The very popular cleaning kit for both tubes and GRP hulls. Neatly packaged in a see through draw string PVC ‘grab and go’ kit bag, it comprises eight essential items as a complete starter pack for RIB cleaning and polishing.

Recent Posts

New This Season – Insta-Lock

What Price Safety and Convenience?

New from Polymarine; practical design and premium materials combine to make the Insta-Lock Snap Davit System durable, safe and astonishingly affordable…

No more heart stopping dinghy wobbles!

  • Insta-lock Snap Davits are a lock and lift system, designed to secure and stabilise an inflatable dinghy to the back of a Motorboat or Yacht.
  • Insta-lock Snap Davits provide a safer method for a person to enter and exit a dinghy.
  • When locked on, the dinghy can be lifted out of the water to a vertical storage position.
  • When locked and lifted, your dinghy avoids drag and fouling when cruising.
  • When locked and lifted, you can save space in the Marina and save on Berthing fees.

The INSTA-LOCK kit comprises of 2 spring loaded davit heads which secure to the Swim Platform and 2 Pads with lock-on-bars which are glued onto the Inflatable. When aligned the sprung loaded davit heads snap onto the lock-on-bar. The dinghy is firmly locked to the Host Craft ready for lifting or loading with passengers.

1/. Look out for the Packs at your nearest Polymarine distributor.
2/. Full kits compete with instructions ( just add adhesive)
3/. Product Options available summer 2016.
4/. Accessories like Low profile quick release shoes.

Instructions for installation can be seen here:-


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